The Fiance Shopping Debate

June 15, 2017

It is one of the oldest traditions in wedding history; do not let your fiance attend while you’re dress shopping.  However; many brides are mixing it up and are having their soon to be hubby by their side when trying to find their perfect gown.  Here are some reasons as to whether or not you should have them attend your bridal gown shopping extravaganza.

Yes! I want my fiance there…

  • Your husband is only going to see you once in your beautiful bridal gown, so you want him to be part of the decision
  • You want to share the whole wedding experience together- from the cake tasting to the dress shopping, your fiance is there
  • He won’t see the full effect until the wedding day

No! My fiance must wait…

  • Shop for what you want to wear without the opinion of your soon to be husband
  • It is a tradition that must never be broken, people say it leads to bad luck
  • It must be a total and complete surprise

At the end of the day, its your own wedding experience! Do what you feel is necessary.  To have your fiance attend your bridal gown experience or not, it will not matter because he will love you in anything.


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