So you just bought your wedding dress… now what?

April 9, 2019

First of all… congrats! You finally said yes to the dress, and now you’re awaiting its arrival. Here’s a quick list of some notable dos and don’ts of what you should (or shouldn’t) be doing between now and your first fitting.


1. DO put your “bridal blinders” on!

You already know your dress is the one, so why bother continuing your search full of “could haves” or “should haves”? Most bridal dresses are released in January or April, so if you already know you tend to be indecisive, it might be best to wait for the new releases.


2. DON’T be afraid to ask for accessorizing tips!

Working in the bridal industry, it’s likely that that this isn’t your consultant’s first rodeo. Don’t be afraid to ask for help picking out which style of jewelry, veil, or shoes would pair well with your new gown. (Additional tip: if you’re bringing in accessories you’ve bought elsewhere, it’s a good idea to call ahead and confirm this is allowed.)


3. DO anticipate alterations!

If you’re anything like 99.99% of other brides, you’re going to need at least minor alterations to the dress you’ve picked out. Whether it’s making the dress shorter, bust bigger, or anything and everything in-between, the likelihood of you magically fitting into the dress curated on the designer’s mannequin isn’t going to fit you like your favorite pair of jeans at first.


4. DON’T obsess over your iPhone photos!

Or Android photos. Or literally any photo that’s taken by a device that isn’t your eyes. You can definitely get the gist of what the dress looks like on you, but zooming in and examining every nook and cranny of the dress after you’ve already put down a 50% deposit isn’t going to help anything! Keep in mind that even the best quality cell phone cameras still don’t provide the most accurate representation of what you or your dress looks like. (Additional tip: if you can’t help but stare at pictures, it might be best to crop the photo from the neck down. Too often do soon-to-be brides fixate on what their face looks like in the photo, giving them a bad taste of the dress itself.)


5. DO be at your ideal weight by the first fitting!

Whether your goal is to lose, gain, or maintain your weight, it will be easier (and likely less expensive) for you and your tailor to maintain this weight so there isn’t a constant need for alterations at each fitting. Showing up to your first fitting at your resting weight helps you and your tailor make sure you look and feel the best in your custom-fit gown.

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