Destination Weddings: What to consider!

April 16, 2018

Congrats, your planning your dream destination wedding!!! We hope that this day is everything you wanted and more, so we are here to help give a few tricks and tips to make sure your destination wedding is perfect!


Your choices are unlimited when planning your destination wedding. There are so many gorgeous locations in the world we understand it can be hard to pick one! To help you out here are a few tricks you can follow:

  1. Choose a meaningful location – Picking somewhere that holds a lot of meaning for you and your partner could be a great place to hold an intimate ceremony. This could be a local place or somewhere across the globe, wherever your meaningful location is choosing this location will make your wedding day and venue one you will never forget.
  2. Consider your guests – Who do you want to attend your wedding? Probably the toughest thing about destination weddings is travel for your guest. In order to avoid issues you want to make sure to give them notice of your location as far in advance as possible so they can figure out all of their plans on how to get their and where they are staying!
  3. Visit in advance – This is probably our biggest piece of advice. In order to ensure that this is your perfect location and where you want to hold your special day you should go scope out the area first. This will also help you with the rest of the arrangements you need to make such as flowers because now you will be able to picture the location in your mind and figure out what you need!

To help you choose here is a link to the Knot’s Top 50 Destination Wedding Locations!

What to Wear?

Now that you have picked your location let’s make sure you pick the perfect dress! Some things you want to consider while picking out your dress is the venue. Are you having this wedding on the beach, in a garden, park, backyard, city, castle, or in the cold? For all of these locations some dresses work better than others! To answer all of these questions here is a link to the Knot’s article on what to consider at each of these venues!


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