Choosing the perfect wedding gown for one of the biggest occasions in your life should be fun, exciting, and happen in a very relaxed environment.  To get started, we suggest you: 

Select your venue before you select your dress.

A beach wedding, for example, will inspire a very different type of wedding dress than one being worn at a more traditional venue.

Plan ahead

It is always best to allow ample time to select and customize special occasion dresses.  Typically the process of ordering and custom tailoring can take months.  Still, if your timeline is tight, just let us know.   No matter what your circumstances, we will do everything we can at ESTÉE BRIDAL to find you your perfect dress.

Bring with you any family heirlooms

If you have a particular item that you want to wear on your wedding day, please bring it with you.  These items can help inform us of your style. Also, trying everything on together enables you to envision your most  perfect and stunning wedding day look.

Bring Pictures

You may have started collecting images of some of favorite gowns.  We invite you to bring them to the appointment.   These will be a great asset to our team to learn about your specific tastes.

Be open and flexible

We know that you are the decision maker and certainly have garnered a keen sense of your personal style.  Still we would like you to keep an open mind and try styles you have never considered before.  You never know it could be your dream dress!

We don’t recommend

We don’t recommend bringing more than three people to your appointment.  Our experience has shown that too many critics impede the process and can detract from the relaxed atmosphere that is so important. Be sure to select individuals who are honest and caring and not apt to control you or your selections.

Don’t Be Shy

Speak up!   Let us know what you like and dislike about each gown you try on.  Your opinion is the most important!