How To Choose A Gown For Every Season

May 4, 2017


The spring season is all about the floral patterns and fabrics. When choosing your gown look for one with simple designs and cuts. Try an (appropriate) side slit, it will give your dress the movement it deserves without revealing too much underneath. Spring time is amazing but the weather is not always cooperative, when choosing a layering option go with something lightweight. You can try a shawl or a white blazer, you can even size up in the blazer to give it that oversized feel.
Extra tip: April showers bring May flowers right? Always have an umbrella handy, it’ll keep your gown and hair mostly dry from those crazy rain storms. Your shoes will be another story. Make sure if they come in contact with puddles or mud to take them to a professional cleaner after you wear them.


The summer season is all about the wedding venues. Whether your wedding is being held in a garden, by the ocean, or in a traditional church always dress appropriately for the right venue. Many women choose wedding gowns in light colors and patterns. The right accessories will add a little bit of fun to your gown. Try a lightweight summer veil to shield yourself from the rays and also spice up your look. If the wedding is more casual go ahead and try out different patterns, stay away from silk or anything else that will be high maintenance. No one wants to be sinking into the grass or sand while walking to the altar, when reaching for shoes grab a pair of flat sandals or wedges.

Extra tip: Rayon may appear easier to take care of than most fabrics but it will still need some help after the wedding. Follow the care instructions by hand washing with a gentle laundry soap, followed by laying it flat to dry.


The fall season is all about embracing the foliage. Crisp fall afternoons and evenings will call for a layered look in warm tones. We advise to stick to any tan, olive, or burgundy accessories to match the season & your gown. If your wedding is held at night many women will surely pick up a floor length gown, along with a shawl, clutch, and matching heels.

Extra tip: Visit a dry cleaning service before the wedding. If wool makes an early appearance (or any other type of fabric that has been boxed up all summer) it may need the proper care to get it back into its best shape before the wedding.


The winter season can be as glamorous as you want it to be. Whether it’s real fur or faux layering it will make any gown stand out. If fur isn’t your thing you may opt for the cashmere coat or satin shawl to stay warm while walking to and from the altar. Casual winter wedding? Reach for the heavy knit cardigan when walking around socializing with all of your guests.

Extra tip: You never truly know when it’s going to snow, and you definitely do not want to ruin your perfect new wedding shoes. Go with a pair of stylish snow boots while you’re walking outside, and swap them out once you get inside. Also for extra coverage weatherproof your new indoor shoes just in case that gust of wind pushes some snow onto them.

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