5 shopping tips that’ll make you say YES to the dress

March 27, 2017

Figuring out which dress is perfect for your big day is tricky. Between the hundreds of different styles and colors, to all the opinions coming from your bridal party, it may be tough to figure out which dress is the one. Stick to these five shopping essentials and you’ll have no troubles at all (other than when is the closest time you can have a glass of champagne).

1) Style fits your specific wedding perfectly

Take into consideration your entire wedding day when buying your dress. Will it work with your wedding venue? Atmosphere? Style? Mind you, these are not deal breakers, but definitely should be something you take into consideration. Do you plan to dance the night away with your new Hubby and guests? Make sure your 10-foot train is detachable then! Above all, make sure wherever the wedding is, the dress suits the entire day.

2) Love it based on your OWN opinion, no outside influence

When shopping with your closest gal pals, take a moment and pretend you’re shopping alone. Would you still be head over heels for this dress? Make sure you don’t need constant reassurance that this dress is the one, because chances are it probably isn’t! It’s your big day, not your bridesmaids big day, get the dress that YOU love the most.

3) Buy for the right reasons

Make sure before you purchase your dress that it feels right. Maybe the shop is closing in a few minutes and you don’t want to have to make the trip back for the second time, or because your maid of honor doesn’t like the other one you had your eye on, or the only size it’s offered in is the size you want to be in a year. Don’t rush this process, you’ve waited your whole life for this moment!

4) Make sure you can ENJOY yourself while wearing it

Remember, you’ll be wearing this dress for more than just the ceremony, the reception counts too! The hours of standing, dancing, sitting, and socializing during the reception will be spent in this dress so make sure it is your friend, not your enemy. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable, itchy, or self conscious while wearing your gown. You want to feel like you are the prettiest girl in the room, and you are, so enjoy it!

5) You’ve seen it all

Don’t knock it until you try it! Make sure before purchasing your wedding gown that you’ve seen it all even if you have your mind set on one dress. The dress will sit on your body totally different than it will sit on the hanger, so make sure you try on everything. Step out of your comfort zone, just because you try on one dress doesn’t mean you have to buy it! Who knows, maybe you’ll even surprise yourself.

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