5 Must-Have Photos on Your Wedding Day

October 9, 2017

You probably already have an idea of traditional wedding photo shots, but here are some fun and creative ideas that will make sure your pictures are worth a thousand words!

1) Taking advantage of the season
This shot is great for fall, but can work for all seasons! Capture the beautiful colors of nature contrasting your white gown and you’ll have your friends green with envy!

Photo Credit: Sanya Khomenko

2) Through a new perspective
Capture a shot of you and your bride or groom with the outline of your wedding band! This shot allows you to show off your beautiful ring in a non-traditional shot.

Photo Credit: Aubrey Joy Photography

3 ) The Other Side of The First Kiss
Capture your audience’s excitement of your first kiss! This shot may not be the easiest to get, but definitely worth it when you see the smiles on your guest’s faces.

4) Your parent’s wedding photos
Your wedding photos will be something for your family to look back on for years to come, so pay tribute to the people who brought you to where you are today by holding up your parent’s wedding photos for a shot.

Photo Credit: Ana Lui Photography

5) “Thank You” to your guests
Remember this last idea to make your thank you cards special! Capturing a thank you photo on your day will let you guests know how appreciative you are! It’s a great shot to include in your thank you cards!

Photo Credit: Stephanie Moe Photography

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